Farm fresh eggs laid by hens free to roam. Hougher Fall Farm has been in the Collinson family for three generations, with egg production being at the forefront of the farms livelihood throughout that time. The farm has the capacity for approximately 20,000 free range hens which produce premium quality, delicious free range eggs.

Attention to detail is paramount, with John rearing the birds himself, sourcing the feed only from the best producers, and maintaining the highest of standards in animal welfare.This, coupled with his attention to detail in looking after his hens means consistently top quality eggs and continuity of supply. At night the hens are housed in naturally vented hen houses and each morning the eggs are picked, inspected and packed daily by family members including Johns father and daughters. The location of the farm in the heart of the Ribble Valley means that with Johnís efficient transport system, the eggs are as fresh as possible when they reach the shelf.